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Currently living life from a very minimal perspective (sold the house and 90% of my things) and finding it to be much more enjoyable.

Learning Python, and growing my Javascript skills.

Building a homelab for learning + testing advanced networking infrastructure and on-premises/self-hosted web-based services.

Tinkering + learning better ways to tune servers for lightning-fast, high-traffic WordPress hosting, without the need for load balancing or external CDNs.

Remodeling the company to focus on making the web simple for clients. Remove the tech overwhelm so they can focus on what matters to them. Leverage automation to work smarter, and outsource the rest.

Stretching my filmmaking skills with various side projects.

Reading through the Halo novel series, and listening to The Quantum Magician on Audible.

Hacking my daily routine, one change at a time. I’ve started by:

  • Optimizing my day by eliminating wasteful activities
  • Automating daily/repetitive tasks to reduce cognitive burden
  • Maintaining a minimal, self-designed journal to track various metrics about my life

Last updated: 1 MAY 2021